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By: Q. Hassan, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Vice Chair, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

The operating tests will be conducted before or after the Performance Tests as agreed by the Parties medications blood donation buy eldepryl overnight. The Project Controls Plan shall detail the procedures the Contractor to be used by Contractor to maintain the scheduling treatment diffusion purchase generic eldepryl, control treatment strep throat eldepryl 5 mg, progress treatment hypercalcemia order eldepryl 5mg mastercard, Change Order control, and reporting of all activities required to ensure that Substantial Completion is achieved by the Guaranteed Substantial Completion Date. Show the duration, start dates, and finish dates for each activity, Show activity number, activity description, and responsible Person. Show individual paths between Target Completion and Substantial Completion which clearly indicate where they may differ, and 11. Owner and Contractor shall agree on dates, standardized reports and agenda for such meetings well in advance as the Work demands. Minutes of all progress-related meetings (including weekly and monthly progress meetings) shall be prepared by Contractor (unless otherwise agreed by Owner) and sent to Owner in electronic format within five (5) Business Days following the meeting. The contents of the minutes shall be subject to review at the next weekly progress meeting. The minutes as a minimum should include decisions made, action item responsibilities and action dates and the results of assigned actions outlined in the previous minutes and shall be distributed to all attendees, Owner Representative, and in accordance with the document distribution matrix, to be developed during the Project execution. Contractor shall provide Owner with the number of copies of such reports and shall arrange for the distribution thereof as Owner may reasonably request. The Executive Progress Reports will include: · Narrative summary of progress · Update of the status of the Project · Progress photographs and other illustrations · Description of any problems and summary of plans for resolution 9. Note 1 - Contractor is responsible for construction related Permits,) refer to Attachment P). Note 2 - Contractor to turn over Project records at the earlier of expiration of the Defect Correction Period or termination of the Agreement. Contractor shall assist Owner in the development of these plans, and shall advise Owner if changes to the design or construction of the Facility may impact these plans. Details should include a summary of activities, problems encountered and remedial actions taken. Provision of up-to-date detailed piping and instrumentation diagrams reflecting Facility modifications and provision of other pertinent information not included in the semi-annual reports described below, including Facility events that have taken place since the previously submitted annual report. Abnormalities should include, but not be limited to: unloading/shipping problems, potential hazardous conditions from offsite vessels, Tank stratification or rollover, geysering, Tank pressure excursions, cold spots on the Tanks, Tank vibrations and/or vibrations in associated cryogenic piping, Tank settlement, significant equipment or instrumentation malfunctions or failures, non-scheduled maintenance or repair (and reasons therefore), relative movement of Tank inner vessels, vapor or liquid releases, fires involving Natural Gas and/or from other sources, negative pressure (vacuum) within a Tank and higher than predicted Boil-Off rates. Adverse weather conditions and the effect on the Facility also should be reported. Reports should be submitted within forty-five (45) Days after each period ending June 30 and December 31. In addition, a section entitled "Significant plant modifications proposed for the next 12 months (dates)" also shall be included in the semi-annual operational reports. Contractor shall develop for Owner any semi-annual operational reports that may be due during the period before Substantial Completion. In the event an abnormality is of significant magnitude to threaten public or employee safety, cause significant property damage, or interrupt service, notification shall be made immediately, without unduly interfering with any necessary or appropriate emergency repair, alarm, or other emergency procedure. Contractor shall develop for Owner any such reports that may be required during the period before Substantial Completion. All follow-up reports should include investigation results and recommendations to minimize a reoccurrence of the incident. Contractor shall develop for Owner any such reports that may be required if the incident happened before Substantial Completion. Owner security personnel will coordinate Facility activities with the vessel operator. Space shall be allowed for construction and operations of the pig trap launcher, and provide road access. Contractor shall at all times avoid interfering with the operation of the well and any related pipelines and facilities, and shall provide reasonable access to the operator of the well or pipeline for maintenance and other purposes. Subject to Applicable Law and Permits, it is anticipated that most such mitigation will take place after the majority of construction by the Contractor has been completed. Contractor shall cooperate to ensure the mitigation is accomplished expeditiously and with minimum interference. Contractor shall provide safe access to the general public to allow visits to the Lighthouse from 9am to 4pm weekdays. Public access to the Lighthouse on weekends must be scheduled in advance with Contractor so that escorts can be provided by Contractor.


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Motulsky (New York: Raven Press symptoms 1 week after conception buy eldepryl line, 1979); Eli Barnavi and Miriam Eliav-Feldon medicine shoppe locations generic 5 mg eldepryl, A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People: From the Time of the Patriarchs to the Present (New York: Knopf medications definitions order 5 mg eldepryl fast delivery, 1992) medicine x xtreme pastillas discount eldepryl 5 mg. Nachum Gross, Economic History of the Jews (New York: Schocken Books, 1975), 147, 150. Marcus Arkin, Aspects of Jewish Economic History (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1975); Ben-Sasson, A History of the Jewish People. The Jewish Encyclopedia was an encyclopedia originally published between 1901 and 1906 by Funk and Wagnalls. It contained over 15,000 articles in twelve volumes on the history and the state of Judaism and the Jews as of 1901. Eric Hobsbawm, "Benefits of Diaspora," London Review of Books, October 20, 2005. Raphael Patai and Jennifer Patai, the Myth of the Jewish Race (New York: Scribner, 1975). If we take two human chromosomes from a population and scan them side by side, there will be a single base pair difference approximately every 1,000 positions, on average. Backman, "Patterns of Mental Abilities: Ethnic, Socioeconomic, and Sex Differences," American Educational Research Journal 9 (1972): 1­12; Boris Levinson, "A Comparison of the Performance of Monolingual and Bilingual Native-Born, Jewish Preschool Children of Traditional Parentage on Four Intelligence Tests," Journal of Clinical Psychology 15 (1959): 74­76; Julius S. Romanoff, "Birth Order, Family Size, and Sibling Spacing as Influences on Intelligence and Academic Abilities of Jewish Adolescents," Department of Psychology, Temple University, 1976. Richard Lynn, "The Intelligence of American Jews," Personality and Individual Differences 26 (2004): 201­206. Hughes, "Jew and Gentiles: Their Intellectual and Temperamental Differences," Eugenics Review 18 (July 1928): 1­6. Goddard, "Mental Tests and the Immigrant," Journal of Delinquency 2 (1917): 243­277. Hanna David and Richard Lynn, "Intelligence Differences between European and Oriental Jews in Israel," Journal of Biosocial Science 39, no. Walkley, "Neurobiology and Cellular Pathogenesis of Glycolipid Storage Diseases," Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society London B 358 (2003): 893­904; Steven U. Roswell Eldridge, "Edward Flatau, Wladyslaw Sterling, Torsion Spasm in Jewish Children, and the Early History of Human Genetics," Advances in Neurology 14 (1976): 105­114. Roswell Eldridge, "Torsion Dystonias: Genetic and Clinical Studies," Neurology 11 (1970): 1­78; Eldridge, "Edward Flatau, Wladyslaw Sterling, Torsion Spasm. At the beginning of the nineteenth century in Europe the old relationship between wealth and number of offspring began to reverse, and it remains reversed today in industrial societies. This accompanied a reduction in death rates and, somewhat later, birth rates among all wealth classes, called the "demographic transition. Gottfredson, "Why g Matters: the Complexity of Everyday Life," Intelligence 24 (1997): 79­132. In general, a trait is called adaptive if it increases the fitness of its bearers: Thus, white skin may be adaptive in cold, northern climates where there is limited opportunity for exposure to sunlight and hence vitamin D synthesis. Akkadian Empire: A polity that was prominent in Iraq two thousand years before the Common Era. The empire had a system of roads and a regular postal service, and there was intense use of clay seals as postage stamps. Alans: Horse nomads, a subgroup of Sarmatians, who accompanied the Vandals in their invasion of the Roman Empire and later wanderings in later Roman times and during the dark ages. Allele: An alternate form of a gene; also, a particular sequence of nucleotides occupying a given position on a chromosome. Different sequences that occur at the same locus in the population are called allelic to each other or simply alleles. From then until about 45,000 years ago, there are occasional traces of innovation in the archaeological record-beads, ochre, or an occasional new high-quality tool, but little happens until about 45,000 years ago when our human ancestors left Africa to colonize Europe and Asia north of the Himalayas, in one branch, and Australia, parts of Indonesia, and near Pacific islands in another branch. Some would say that the 200,000-year-old Africans were the first anatomically modern humans; others would say that the colonizers of 45,000 years ago were. Archaic humans: Precursors of anatomically modern humans in Africa, Europe, and Asia, including the Neanderthals of Europe. Homo 243 244 Glossary erectus is the name usually given to the human ancestor of 1. It is these apparently larger-brained versions of Homo erectus that are called "archaic humans.

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A hereditary form of Wilms tumor may be associated with bilateral presentation and younger age at onset 300 medications for nclex buy on line eldepryl. Many congenital anomalies are associated with Wilms tumor symptoms of strep buy 5mg eldepryl overnight delivery, including sporadic aniridia treatment west nile virus purchase eldepryl with mastercard, hemihypertrophy medicine advertisements eldepryl 5mg mastercard, and genitourinary abnormalities. Patients with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome and some other overgrowth syndromes are at increased risk for developing Wilms tumor and should be screened with periodic renal imaging. The timing of nephrectomy for unilateral, resectable Wilms tumor remains controversial. The North American approach is for immediate nephrectomy followed by adjuvant chemotherapy, whereas the European approach is to make a diagnosis by imaging and sometimes a biopsy, give neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery and then adjuvant chemotherapy (plus radiation therapy, as indicated). Bilateral Wilms tumor is present in about 5% of children on initial presentation, whereas recurrent disease affects the opposite kidney in 4% to 5% of patients. Treatment for patients with bilateral Wilms tumor should be individualized to retain as much normal kidney as possible. Although many children do not have complaints at the time that the mass is first noted, associated symptoms may include abdominal pain, fever, hypertension, and hematuria. Survivors of Wilms tumor are at risk for several late effects, including cardiomyopathy, scoliosis, hypertension and prehypertension, renal and bladder insufficiency, pulmonary dysfunction, hepatic dysfunction, infertility, and second malignancies. Patients with bilateral Wilms tumor are sometimes left with renal insufficiency or failure. Anaplastic variants of Wilms tumor have a significantly worse outcome than classic Wilms tumor. Chapter 160 the 4-year relapse-free survival of patients with tumors of favorable histologic picture is directly related to stage. Cure rates for patients with localized Wilms tumor at diagnosis are greater than 85%, whereas patients with pulmonary metastases have event-free survival rates of approximately 70% to 80%. Periorbital swelling, proptosis, and limitation of extraocular motion may be seen with an orbital tumor. Nasal mass, chronic otitis media, ear discharge, dysphagia, neck mass, and cranial nerve involvement may be noted with tumors in other head and neck sites. Urethral or vaginal masses, paratesticular swelling, hematuria, and urinary frequency or retention may be noted with tumors in the genitourinary tract. Trunk or extremity lesions tend to present as rapidly growing masses that may or may not be painful. If there is metastatic disease to bone or bone marrow, limb pain and evidence of marrow failure may be present. Osteosarcoma often is located at the epiphysis or metaphysis of anatomic sites that are associated with maximum growth velocity (distal femur, proximal tibia, proximal humerus), but any bone may be involved. Because the pain and swelling often are initially thought to be related to trauma, radiographs of the affected region frequently are obtained, which usually reveal a lytic lesion, often associated with calcification in the soft tissue surrounding the lesion. While 75% to 80% of patients with osteosarcoma have apparently localized disease at diagnosis, the majority of patients are believed to have micrometastatic disease as well. Although Ewing sarcoma can occur in almost any bone in the body, the femur and pelvis are the most common sites. In addition to local pain and swelling, clinical manifestations may include systemic symptoms, such as fever and weight loss. Soft tissue sarcomas arise primarily from the connective tissues of the body, such as muscle tissue, fibrous tissue, and adipose tissue. Rhabdomyosarcoma, the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children, is derived from mesenchymal cells that are committed to skeletal muscle lineage. Less common soft tissue sarcomas include fibrosarcoma, synovial sarcoma, and extraosseous Ewing sarcoma. The most common malignant bone cancers in children are osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma. There is a 500-fold increased risk for osteosarcoma for individuals with hereditary retinoblastoma. Prior treatment for childhood cancer with radiation therapy or chemotherapy, specifically alkylating agents, or both, increases the risk for osteosarcoma as a second malignancy.

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The first record of the species for Nepal was in the 19 century (Hodgson 1843) when it was collected in the Kathmandu Valley and in the lowlands (Hodgson 1829) symptoms carpal tunnel eldepryl 5mg with visa. There are several later records from the Valley: Meilstrup (1971) treatment writing buy 5 mg eldepryl with mastercard, Hall (1978) medicine you can give cats buy eldepryl paypal, del-Nevo and Ewins (1981) medicine 95a pill buy eldepryl amex, Sorensen (1988) and Giri (2010). Inskipp and Inskipp (1991) described the species as rare and possibly resident in Nepal. Gurung (1983) considered it rare and possibly resident in Chitwan National Park; there are several later reports of single birds in the park: Couronne and Kovacs (1986), Wittenberg (1989), and in December 1991 (Wartmann and Schonjahn 1992), January 2004 (Malling Olsen 2004) and February 2005 (Giri 2005). Single birds have been recorded several times from Koshi: March 1992 (Baral 1992), February 1995 (Wheeldon 1995), April 2001 (Inskipp and Inskipp 2001) and January 2002 (Giri 2002). There were also three sightings in the west in 1992: in January in Bardia District (Wartmann and Schonjahn 1992), in May at Bardia (R. February 1994), and in November between Butwal, Rupandehi District and Nepalganj Banke District (Mackenzie 1994). Elevation Upper limit: 1400 m; lower limit: 75 m Population No population surveys have been carried out for the species, but observations indicate that numbers must be extremely small. Total Population Size Minimum population: 10; maximum population: 20 Habitat and Ecology Laggar Falcon inhabits open dry country and cultivation, chiefly in the terai (Grimmett et al. It feeds mainly on birds; mammals such as rats and bats, and large flying insects have also been recorded (Naoroji 2006). Threats the species is seriously threatened by disturbance, for example gravel extraction, fishing and non-timber forest products collection, and by the degradation and loss of its riverine habitat. Conservation Measures Laggar Falcon has been assessed as Critically Endangered based on the criteria A2e? The species has always been rare in Nepal, but the numbers recorded have reduced significantly since the early 1990s. Threats to the species are unknown although it is likely to be at risk from pesticides as these are widely and often intensively used in the terai where Laggar Falcon has been recorded most frequently. Threats to the species are unknown, although it is likely to be at risk from pesticides as these are widely and often intensively used in the terai where Laggar Falcon has been recorded most frequently. Jr (1982) Avian checklist of species observed during 1978 in the district of Kapilvastu, central tarai. Records indicate that it is a very rare resident subject to some altitudinal movements. The first Nepal record of th the species was in the 19 century (Hodgson 1844) from the terai in February (year and further locality details are unknown) (Hodgson 1829). The species was formerly reported as a summer visitor breeding in the Kathmandu Valley: in the British Embassy pines by Proud (1949), in the Indian Embassy pines (date unknown) (Fleming et al. There are a few later records from the Kathmandu Valley, including three in October 1970 and singles in October 1970 at Shivapuri and Godavari (Inskipp et al. There are single reports, chiefly of lone birds occurring widely and irregularly in the rest of the country. The species was collected at Bilauri, Kanchanpur District in January 1953 and was seen several times in the 410 lowlands near villages (Rand and Fleming 1957), one in October 1970 at Hetauda, Makwanpur District (Inskipp et al. Gurung (1983) described the species as a rare winter visitor to Chitwan National Park, but there are no known later records from the park. Known post-1990 records are: one at Ghandruk, Annapurna Conservation Area in November 2002 (Giri and Choudhary 2002); two at Pumdi Kot, Kaski District in February 2011 (Hari K. Elevation Upper limit: 1900 m; lower limit: 75 m Population No population survey has been carried out for Oriental Hobby, but observations indicate the numbers must be extremely small. Total Population Size Minimum population: 5; maximum population: 20 Habitat and Ecology Oriental Hobby is a bird of the forested foothills (Naoroji 2006) and in the tropical and subtropical zone in Nepal. The species feeds mainly on various flying insects such as locusts, cicadas, beetles, dragonflies and termites; also small birds and occasionally lizards, small bats and mice (Naoroji 2006); it haunts villages for chickens (Fleming et al. Threats Oriental Hobby is threatened by deforestation and possibly also be threatened by pesticides. Conservation Measures No conservation measures have been carried out specifically for Oriental Hobby.

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